Bob Rubanowice's Bio

I have been visually oriented for a long time.
In first grade, I rushed to finish  arithmetic, so I could get to the clay to roll snakes.
In Miss Martinelli's fifth grade class, she pulled Victor and me aside to create a ten foot scroll of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria for Columbus Day while the others did reading assignments.
Seventh and eighth grade I was the artist for the school paper.
Then I was President of the Art Club in high school.
And my first major in college was Architecture.

Various media have since drawn my attention.
In this web site I focus on only several:  handmade lamp work glass beads and jewelry, fused dichroic glass masks, and fabric art wall hangings and thread paintings.

I still make stained glass.  That's me next to an interior-lit stained glass sculpture.  Art Deco Lives.

As many bead makers have done, working in stained glass led to fused glass and then onto glass bead making.
I have been making beads since 1995, and early on took a fair share of workshops from prominent bead makers.
That led to arts and crafts shows, local and regional bead bazaars, and even the largest of all, Tucson.

My style in bead making?  In an earlier document I wrote that I invented the dot bead, the floral bead, the aquarium bead, the hollow bead, the tabular bead, the seascape bead, and the vessel bead.  Very prolific.  And also I was currently inventing a new style I thought I'd call the dzi bead.  Oh, yes, I also invented the wheel.  And discovered fire.  Then in a eureka moment I came to realize that I had simply borrowed and adapted these techniques from others.

Since I have no particular bead niche, as my Bead Gallery wil show, I will spare you the self-tooting bead makers' barf about how my beads emanate from my inner consciousness connecting to cosmic inspiration as I become one with the galaxy and strive to make visible the invisible.  Although that is sort of what happens.  Paul Klee was right on.  But mostly it's quite mundane, simply sitting at the torch, turning it on, and reaching for glass rods with usually no preconceived idea of what I'm going to make next.

Enjoy the Galleries--the beads and jewelry, the fused dichroic glass masks, the fabric art.

Finally, after what seemed forever of saying that my website is "Under Construction,"  here it is.  It will expand, and most of the items will be available for those who can't live without them.

And here I am standing next to a large self-standing autonomous panel,
" Blue Clematis."


One of my early Warring States Beads