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March 24-25, 2020

Abullah Al Abdulgader

(Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre Al Ahsa Hofuf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Abullah Al Abdulgader
Currently, he is the general director of Research Center in the Ministry of Health. Dr. Abdullah Alabdulgader is the Founder and Former Executive Director of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Al-Ahsa which is the major Cardiac Tertiary Center in the Eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Regional Cardiac referral for all cardiac-related diseases for all age groups. This center was found because of our efforts funded by the late Prince Sultan Abdulaziz and was able to establish a Research Administration within the center, with very strong link to KACST which is the national research fund agency in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition he is also the Founder and the Chief of the Research Team for International Project for Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, G.C.C. Countries and in the Republic of Yemen. He has managed several projects/studies/researches in the past, not to mention the ongoing ones and with the more ambitious projects in the coming years which are directed to the benefits of the humanity. Currently, they are starting 2 major projects under the strategic planning of KACST which passed the American Agency for Advancements of Science (AAAS) evaluation with outstanding results. We are aiming very seriously to find therapeutic alternatives for degenerative diseases including cancer and atherosclerosis as well as discover genetic and environmental causes of Congenital Heart Diseases. Last but not least they are part of international group looking with eye of wisdom ,deep in the research of Bioelectric and frequency therapies which they believe is the future to treat chronic diseases including heart diseases.

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