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March 24-25, 2020


Arrhythmias Abnormal rate or rhythm of heart is called arrhythmias. Arrhythmias may be slow (bradycardia), fast (tachycardia), irregular heartbeat (flutter or fibrillation), early heartbeat (premature contraction).Arrhythmias occurs when the heart's natural pacemaker develops an abnormal rate or rhythm or when the normal conduction pathway is disturbed or when another part of the heart takes over as pacemaker. Nearly everyone experiences arrhythmias at least once, but not all the conditions are problematic. When the arrhythmias interfere with blood flow, it may cause damage to brain, lungs and other vital organs also. So, arrhythmias are to be treated in early stages of detection. Related societies: Association of Pediatric Cardiology; Cardiological Society of India; Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging; British Junior Cardiologists Association; Croatian Cardiac Society; European Cardiology Congress, American Society of Hypertension; Brazilian Society of Hypertension