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March 24-25, 2020

Novel innovations in cardiac surgery and treatment

Novel innovations in cardiac surgery and treatment New innovations in cardiac surgery have great influence on improvement on cardiac function in severe cardiac patients. Some of them includes: • Barostim Neo Neuromodulation Device for heart failure: This device have an effective neuromodulation therapy for advanced heart failure patients who are not indicated for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy • Adult Human Heart Tissue Grown using Biowire II platform: Using the Biowire II platform, 3D engineered cardiac tissues were grown and then delivered electrical stimulation to them over long periods of time. This led to the tissues having a phenotype that is more characteristic of the adult myocardium, including not exhibiting spontaneous beating that is one of the tell-tale signs of the fetal phenotype. • Carbon Nanotube Fibers as Electrical Bridges for damaged heart tissue: Biocompatible carbon nanotube fibers are used as electrical bridges that span across damaged heart tissue. • Biomaterial tricks immune system to grow new blood vessels: New interest has developed in using the body’s own immune system to help aid this process. To this end, the researchers developed unique biomaterials to modulate the local immune system to promote the formation of new blood vessels. Related societies: The American Society for Preventive Cardiology; American Society of Nuclear Cardiology; American Heart Association; ACC; American Stroke Association; Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions.